Puppetools Web Site Subscription Service Review

Puppetools’ premise is that using creative play teaches concepts more effectively. Often, in our hurry to get through lessons (and housework, co-ops, sports, and music lessons), we toss textbooks and workbooks at our children and hope they catch the rest of the ideas by osmosis. Then we wonder why they drag their feet and balk at the prospect of “doing” school. Why can’t they just figure out that if they rushed through their schoolwork they’d have more time to play? Why can’t they seem to retain what they’ve skimmed through in their textbooks? The answer is because children learn best when they’re truly engaged in the learning process. How can we engage our children in the learning process? By teaching through play! Puppetools is an excellent resource to help the creativity-challenged homeschool parent engage her children through play in order to facilitate more effective learning. The good news is that you don’t even have to be crafty to make these puppets! The Puppetools Web site has 37 different, basic patterns you can print out. With variations, the possibilities are practically limitless. Check out the cute cat puppet we made.

Subscription Benefits: * One year to train and master Puppetools—the “language of play” * Access Puppetools’ online educator work area and global community forums * Access Puppetools’ exclusive practitioner video library * Access extensive research on play and education * Access hundreds of puppet images, concepts, and patterns * Access readings from the 200-page puppetools manual * Learn fast, flexible puppet designs and construction * Engage playful, energized conversation for lessons and activities for all grades * Use puppet know-how and techniques without acting, scripts, or theater training * Effectively harness play, and spark motivation, participation, and receptivity. Check the website for pricing information.

The downside to the Puppetools Web site: one can’t see anything from the general page without purchasing a membership.

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