A Mountain of Math

Help! I need a different math curriculum! My child just is not getting fractions (or decimals, or beginning geometry). My child needs more practice doing long division and I don’t have time to scour the internet to make my own worksheets all the time. Math Mammoth to the rescue!

The Math Mammoth Web site offers a plethora of workbooks from which to choose. The books are offered both as e-books, for those wanting instant gratification and no shelf space, and as actual textbooks that can be ordered from Lulu.com, for those wanting to hold a real book in their hands and flip through the pages. Full-length, complete math curriculum is offered in the light blue series for grades 1–5 for $27 per grade level. Math Mammoth also offers a full line of supplemental workbooks for grades 1–8 for as little as $2–$5 each. These are listed by grade and by topic. You can order just one, or a bundle with several related topics. Some series just have problems for extra practice, while some also include full explanations. The no-nonsense booklets get right to the point—no fluff. They’re great for a supplement or for a full-time curriculum.

Don’t know which book or supplement is right for your child? Neither did I. I took a stab at it and asked for two I thought would work for my daughter. When I placed my order, I mentioned our areas of struggle, and Math Mammoth’s creator/writer made several recommendations for me and even threw in a supplement I wasn’t expecting. Although the Web site can be confusing, it does state very clearly that they will help you choose the right workbooks if you ask. Want to check out what’s available? Go ahead! The Math Mammoth Web site offers a TON of FREE, downloadable worksheets for all levels.

Help! I don’t know how to teach math to my kids—I hated math when I was in school! Math Mammoth teaching emails to the rescue. Sign up to receive 280 FREE, bonus worksheets, 7 how-to-teach math articles, and 2 emails that explain the books. Sign up for the ongoing newsletter, and get 280 free worksheets as well as other sample pages from the workbooks. What a great deal!

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  1. My child needs more practice doing long division and I don’t have time to scour the internet to make my own worksheets all the timeThese are a little more sophisticated long division worksheets.They are partially completed, and can be checked by the students themselves.


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