2010 Goals

Happy 2010! Let’s start off the new year properly and decide how we’re going to pronounce it. Is it two thousand ten or is it twenty ten? What do you think? I’m sort of on the fence and find myself alternating between the two! Guess I should make a decision soon, since it’s here already.

Many people make New Year’s resolutions, and then promptly break them by mid-month. Is there a better solution? The new buzz I’ve been hearing is about making goals with specific action points. Goals somehow sound more accessible and attainable, less all or nothing. Whatever you call them, I’ve decided to develop and write down some concrete, personal goals for 2010. What’s more, I’m giving myself permission to have an off day now and then so that I’m not tempted to throw in the towel completely when (may as well be realistic here!) I have an oops. Yes, I have some goals for my family and for our homeschool, but the focus here is on my own personal goals. They’re not in any particular order.

1. Take my writing to a new level.

  • Finish working through An Introduction to Christian Writing, by Ethel Herr, including the exercises.
  • Work through For the Write Reason, by Mary Beth Whalen
  • Send out at least one new magazine article query per month
  • Follow up on old queries
  • Put together a working outline, sample chapters, and proposal of The Book

2. Be more consistent with my quiet time.

  • Read through My Utmost for His Highest (again)
  • Keep a daily journal
  • Read through the book of Psalms

3. Explore the possibilities of more homeschool speaking assignments.

  • Hold a spring paper monster seminar (my house again?)
  • Check on speaking at the HINTS Bookfair this summer
  • Hold another early fall organization seminar (bigger audience/venue)

4. Pursue better health.

  • Follow the elimination diet (Balsam of Peru & Sugar Sensitivity) to find out my sensitivities and allergies
  • Exercise at least 5 days a week
  • Cut back significantly on processed foods
  • No surgeries, broken bones or major health issues! (I had all 3 last year.)

That’s just 4 goals. No big deal. Yeah, right! That’s what I keep telling myself, and then I take a look at what I just wrote out here for all of cyberspace to see, and I start feeling a little overwhelmed. I can do it! I want you to check out Bonita’s Encouraging Words for Writers article entitled “The Write Way to Enter 2010.” She’s got a very daunting list of goals for herself for 2010, but she’s also got encouragement to meet those goals.

Now I have 2 assignments for y’all:

1. Help keep me on track with my goals by asking me about them from time to time.
2. Tell me some of your personal goals for this coming year.

Let’s work toward achieving our goals together in 2010!

2 thoughts on “2010 Goals”

  1. Maybe we can keep one another accountable. I was thinking about posting new action steps for my goals periodically on my blog. Haven't decided yet. Sounds like you have some great goals! That paper monster seminar sounds like just what I need as I look around my office and feel like the paper is breeding before my eyes yet again. I say two thousand ten. I don't know why, but I don't like the other as well- sounds too end of the worldish.


  2. Great set of goals! I read through Marybeth's book (For the Write Reason) and it is excellent. Another good resource for book proposals is an ebook from Mary Demuth. It helped me tremendously.


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