Where Do You Homeschool?

In the May/June 2010 issue of Home School Enrichment, I talk about WHERE you homeschool. Before you say, “Duh, at home,” think about it. Even at home, multiple choices exist: the kitchen table, the living room floor, individual desks, and more. Is what you did this year working? Do you need to think about tweaking it for next year?

Then there is carschooling. How much school time do you spend in the car? Is it too much or too little? Now is the time to reflect on your level of activity this past year and to decide whether it was just right or needs to be adjusted for next year.

How many outside classes do your children take? I know kids need to have some interaction with other kids. And, I know that not every mom is equipped to teach algebra (that would be me!) or grade essays. But, are your kids taking more classes outside your home than inside of it? Do you need to re-evaluate for next year?

The last question I posed in my article is the trickiest: where in your heart is homeschooling right now? If you’re like me, spring fever has hit hard. I’m ready to be done with the year! It’s been a challenging year as well, so I have to keep reminding myself of all the reasons we’re homeschooling lest I be too tempted to flag down the yellow bus that passes my house each morning. Keep homeschooling front and center in your heart and keep pressing on to finish this school year well.

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Q4U: Where do YOU homeschool?

5 thoughts on “Where Do You Homeschool?”

  1. It is so true! We home school in so many different places… I figure if it helps the kids to learn, then we should take advantage of the freedom to educate anywhere we can. Whether it be outside or on my bed or in the car or wherever we might end up…thanks for this post. I can't wait to link to it from my blog with some pictures of places we have \”schooled\” lately.


  2. We do our math at the kitchen table. The reading we do happens on the couch, mostly, and my son reads in bed a great deal.Spring has hit me hard, but we are still plugging away at our math and reading our books. I'm looking forward to the break and regrouping for next year!


  3. When we first moved to a huge house, I proceeded to take the entire top floor and make it a giant homeschool room, complete with bulletin boards, desks, etc.A year later, the kids used it as a playroom, and we homeschooled wherever we happened to be at the time. Live and learn.


  4. I guess when it comes to \”where\” we are pretty disorganized! We started out telling the kids they HAD to sit at desks or the kitchen table and they must sit upright. Ha! That didn't last long. More often than not they are hanging off a living room chair, draped across a bed, sprawled on the floor, standing at the kitchen counter, etc. But it works.


  5. I love the other comments! We start on the couch for Bible reading and spelling then we move to the table for cursive. Son 1 does math on the couch and on 2 at the table. Everything else is wherever. We are almost done but will be doing some school through summer.Life is learning. Learning is life.Love, Janet


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