Day 9 of Organization ~ Library Books & Other Borrowed Stuff

Homeschoolers love the library. Where else can we access thousands of books for free? (Paper books; let’s not get started on the Kindle and iPad now!) Last month when my teenage daughter and her friend cleaned out her room, she discovered a bag full of books that had been due two months earlier. Oops. Yes, she knows where she’s supposed to keep them (not under the bed!) and yes, I did make her pay the fines.

Library fines can be avoided! Here’s how: 1. After you get home, put the due date on your calendar. What? You don’t use a calendar? Click here and here to get started! 2. Have a designated spot for all library books–a bag, a basket, a box, or a spot on a shelf. All books not being read must be stored in and returned to that spot. Then they’ll be easy to collect when you make your next library run.

Bonus library tip: Figure out what books you need (academic or pleasure), then order them online from the library. They’ll notify you when they come in and all you have to do is check them out at the desk. It will save you lots of fruitless searching, especially if they have to come from another branch.

For those of us who have been homeschooling for a while, we have accumulated quite a bit of curricula and books and we’re generous; we like to share with our friends. Do everyone a favor and keep a running “lent to” list in your mom binder. Do the same for items you borrow from friends, especially if it’s curricula that you’re going to have for a year or more.

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12 thoughts on “Day 9 of Organization ~ Library Books & Other Borrowed Stuff”

  1. The library I have a membership with rules! They send me emails when items are coming due and if I know I won't be able to get there on time, I can renew them online. I can even place holds for items online. They are so organized, I don't have to be!Mary


  2. I have used a designated \”Library tote bag\” for years, but am going to head to the teacher store soon and buy one of those plastic totes on wheels that have a telescoping handle. Then the container can be rolled out to the car, go to the library with us, etc. At home it can be rolled to child's room, or over to the couch. I have just checked out the price, and our teacher store has them for $30, which is a lot but not completely out of the question. Right now, I'm signing up for the e-mail list at the teacher store and am going to wait for a coupon to be sent! :)smenzmer@gmail.com


  3. We designated Tuesdays to be the one day a week to be the \”library day\” so books are always due on that day every week. Helps to keep my fines lower :). Lisa (DTLisa@comcast.net)


  4. We LOVE our library (of course, I'm a librarian there, so I'm biased). They provide a custom collection service where they will collect materials on any topic with one week's notice – it's great!goldfuss1 at frontier dot com


  5. Bethany,I love your Blog! I am a homeschool Mom new to blogging and would love your impression or any recommendations for me and my Blog. (Keeping in mind, I'm brand, brand new) Love all you have to offer! :O)http://mykidsteacher2.blogspot.com


  6. I found your blog by mistake and I am so glad I did. Thank you for taking the time to give such amazing insights. I am a forever reader now.


  7. Great post! I also use a library bag to keep our books organized. It works really well unless your preschooler decides he wants to share \”his\” books with others and puts them in the Goodwill box that your husband takes to the local dropoff site. Oy!To share materials and curriculum, I set up a lending library online for my friends. It's on the extreme side, but seems to be taking off. http://www.saltandlight3.com


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