Reality Homeschooling

Thank you all so much for hopping over to my blog for the past 10 Days of Organization! I hope you enjoyed not only my posts, but also those of the other HOTM hoppers.

Speaking of HOTM, the winter conference starts TODAY!!! Click here to purchase your ticket if you haven’t yet. What is an “online conference”? A conference in your jammies!! An online audio conference uses the Internet as a conference venue. You will be able to access the conference from anywhere in the world using simple browser software which we provide. This software is compatible with all computers including Macs. All you need is a computer, internet connection, and speakers! 

What you can expect:
  • Live sessions, entirely online, with some of the homeschooling community’s most popular speakers and authors.
  • Free access to download and save the MP3′s from all the sessions, as well as all the handouts, chat logs, and presentations.
  • Participation in real-time question and answer sessions with all of your favorite speakers.
  • A Swag Bag full of downloadable goodies.
  • A chance to win some amazing door prizes (during last year’s conference, we gave away $2000 worth of giveaways!)
  • The opportunity to make some new life-long friends and experience some fun and fellowship. 
All for only $14.95!!

On another note, please check out this fabulous new resource from my friend, Bonita Lillie:
What happens when the ideal image you have in your mind doesn’t match the day-to-day reality of homeschooling? Join Bonita, a veteran homeschooling mom, as she candidly talks about the joys and struggles which homeschooling families face on a daily basis. Learn how to reconcile your homeschooling ideals with realistic expectations, how to survive a crisis, and how to decipher what your children really need to know to thrive in this world. Lower your stress level and find true freedom in homeschooling!
I truly believe that everyone who is currently homeschooling or thinking about homeschooling in the future, would benefit from this information.

Check it out today; it’s only $6.95. Hands_On Essays Original Manual

Finally, I want to let you know what to expect in the next few months. Blogging every day does not normally happen–sorry! For now, we’ll go back to our regularly scheduled 2-3 posts a week. Most of them will be about organization and homeschooling, as usual, but expect a few reviews and other topics as well. I also plan to return to answering everybody’s comments (as long as I can find your blog or an email address). I’m happy to address any organization or homeschool question you may have as a blog topic, if you can’t find it in my past posts. Just let me know!

1 thought on “Reality Homeschooling”

  1. Thank you SO much for the free conference ticket! I caught 90% of it today, and was so very blessed. Looking forward to the next two days–it's really encouraging, even though I've already been homeschooling for eons!


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