You Might be an Obsessive Organizer If . . .

1. You thought of the post-it flag pen first.
2. Your calendar consults you.

3. You label your labels.

4. Your closet is so clean, the skeletons have disappeared.

5. You hold the world record for never losing a sock’s mate in the dryer.

6. You make lists of your lists.

7. You wander into office supply stores to window shop.

Of course, if you’re totally unorganized, here is your list of ideals to which you need to aspire.

Number six is my glaringly obvious hint that I’m a little obsessive about organization. What’s your biggest clue that you’re totally organized?

This is a repost; I admit it! But, it’s from almost 2 years ago & I have so many new readers that I wanted to share it with you :-). Plus, this is what the very organized homeschool mom does when she’s also writing a research paper for her grad school class. This list was snagged from a recent (2009) First for Women magazine. 

5 thoughts on “You Might be an Obsessive Organizer If . . .”

  1. People actually do these things? I guess I don't fall in this category, huh? ha ha The only one I can relate to is #7. I love to buy all the office stuff, but then it usually ends up at Goodwill.I laughed at #2. My calendar calls, \”Where are you?\”What's a post it flag pen?


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