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Linguistic Intelligence

General Characteristics

A person with a high degree of linguistic intelligence displays “a sensitivity to the meaning of words . . . a sensitivity to the order among words . . . a sensitivity to the sounds, rhythms, inflections, and meters of words . . . and a sensitivity to the different functions of language,” (Gardner 1993, pg. 77).

Curricula Planning

·         Lectures
·         Discussions
·         Storytelling
·         Journaling


·         Books
·         Computers
·         Stamp sets
·         Books on tape/CD/mp3

Teaching Strategies

Objective: Incorporate spoken and/or written words
·         Read it
·         Write it
·         Talk about it
·         Listen to it (words)


·         Give an oral or written report
·         Give an oral interpretation/commentary
·         Explain a concept verbally or in writing

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