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Spatial Intelligence

General Characteristics

“Central to spatial intelligence are the capacities to perceive the visual world accurately, to perform transformations and modifications upon one’s initial perceptions, and to be able to recreate aspects of one’s visual experience, even in the absence of relevant physical stimuli,” (Gardner 1993, pg. 173).

Curricula Planning

·         Visual presentations
·         Art
·         Imagination games
·         Mind mapping
·         Metaphors
·         Visualizations


·         Graphs
·         Maps
·         Videos
·         Art materials
·         Optical illusions
·         Pictures
·         Digital cameras
·         Color cues
·         Graphic symbols

Teaching Strategies

Objective: Incorporate visual aids, color, art, shapes, metaphors, and visualizations
·         See
·         Draw
·         Visualize
·         Color
·         Mind map


·         Draw maps
·         Develop flow charts
·         Draw a series of sketches
·         Draw diagrams

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