homeschool, learning styles

Interpersonal Intelligence

General Characteristics

Those individuals who appropriately and frequently hone in on others’ feelings, display empathy towards others, and interact with others are gifted with interpersonal intelligence. A tenderhearted child may often be in tears on behalf of others.

Curricula Planning

·         Cooperative learning
·         Peer tutoring
·         Social gatherings
·         Simulations
·         Apprenticeships
·         Academic clubs


·         Board games
·         Party supplies
·         Props for role plays
·         Interactive software

Teaching Strategies

Objective: Incorporate peer sharing, cooperative learning, and group discussions
·         Teach
·         Collaborate
·         Interact


·         Design class simulation
·         Discuss events, details, facts, etc. learned
·         Demonstrate concepts using people placed in certain ways (act out)

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