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Learning Styles Introduction (Part 1)

          How do you retain new information best? Chances are, at least one of your children does not learn the same way that you do. My older daughter does learn the same way that I do, so I was in for a shock when I tried the same style and activities with my younger daughter. It should be no surprise that not everyone learns best with the same style of teaching. That’s why so many people do not have good memories of their school years; they just weren’t taught in a way that engaged them. The beauty of homeschooling is that we can discover our children’s learning styles and teach them in a way that they will enjoy and retain information. Learning styles are similar to personality traits. Every book I’ve read, and every person I’ve heard speak on the subject gave different titles to different traits and styles. For the next several posts, I’ve lumped the different styles into four categories: intake, output, setting, and orderliness.

2 thoughts on “Learning Styles Introduction (Part 1)”

  1. oh isn't this the truth. I have four very different children, who learn very differently. learning how to work with they learn has made such a big difference in our homeschooling. And that indeed is the beauty of homeschooling – we can adapt to how they learn. 🙂


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