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Learning Styles: Setting (Part 4)

Are your children loners or groupies? The setting can make all the difference. Some kids need to absorb the energy of a group and need to bounce their ideas off others in order to learn. Unless you live in Timbuktu, co-ops, library groups, scouts, church groups, and other opportunities abound. The more your little groupies are involved, the better.
            Other kids are too distracted in a group setting and prefer to process information on their own (or with just you). They prefer to compare their new experiences with their own prior knowledge and perceptions. While a few social gatherings are a good thing for your loners, don’t expect them to be enthusiastic with a different co-op meeting every day.

2 thoughts on “Learning Styles: Setting (Part 4)”

  1. Oh absolutely! I have 2 who are social, they need regular interaction with others. They need to do their schoolwork in the same room with others, and ideally in a group setting. but then I have two who melt down if they have to go out often, if they don't have their 5+ hours of quiet time to themselves each day. Factoring both those needs in and balancing them is interesting, but worth it. It allows me to create more effective learning environments because I recognize that this is how they roll. 🙂


  2. Hi Bethany! Thanks for the comment on my Beverly Cleary blog post. My son has long since outgrown her book as well, but I still love them! 🙂 My son and I are both the type to fall into the second camp here. We both prefer to process information on our own first, then occasionally bring it to a larger group (but only very rarely!).


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